Enkät - Social media in environmental monitoring


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Dear W-Program Student,

I would like to request your participation in a EU project survey related to the use of social media in environmental monitoring. The results of this survey will be used within the BalticFlows project and by the European Commission to better take account of the contributions that active citizens might have in sending a message about the importance of the water quality in rivers and waterways, both now and in the future.

We hope you could use a moment to answer to our survey of approximately 15  questions via this link! The results and all materials of the survey will be used ensuring the anonymity of the respondents. The material may be used in related follow-up studies and publications. The results of the survey will be released as a report on the project website www.balticflows.eu and to the  European Commission. Each answer is important, please give your answers by the end of March! Thank you for your cooperation!
Swedish: http://a3.actiondialog.se/scripts/slweb/slweb.dll?CMD_PARAM=700000155?start?&XQLANG=sv
Kevin Bishop
University of Uppsala
Department of Earth Sciences   
BalticFlows is a seventh framework Regions of Knowledge project, concerning  the themes of rainwater monitoring, storm water management and active citizenship. With this survey the center of our attention is the potential for miniature water monitoring technology and the opinions of common citizens of the potential future technology. Project number 319923.